Performer, teacher & producer

Soloist, Last Letter (San Francisco Performances, USA)

Soloist, Last Letter, Lera Auerbach 


"Tetriani invested her music with intensity, rock-solid intonation and focused sound that went right to the heart."
Seen and Heard International, Harvey Steiman, March 17, 2012

"Tetriani gave a powerful account of Tsvetaeva’s words and Auerbach’s depiction of her desperate mental state.  (Tsvetaeva would later commit suicide when she could no longer contend with the difficulties of supporting herself.)  Against those words Weilerstein’s cello line was equally impassioned, as if to stress that this was the Rilke of Tsvetaeva’s imagination.  The result was a highly imaginative interpretation of an equally imaginative literary undertaking."
SF Examiner, Stephen Smoliar, March 15, 2012



Soloist: Lina Tetriani
Program: Last Letter
Composer and pianist: Lera Auerbach
Cellist: Alisa Weilerstein-Payare
Venue: San Francisco Performances, USA
City: San Francisco (CA), USA
Year: 2012

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