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Magda Sorel, The Consul

Magda Sorel, The Consul


Lead Role: Lina Tetriani
Character: Magda Sorel
Production: The Consul
Director: Michael Unger
Conductor: Joel Revzen
Theater: Opera New Jersey, USA
City: Princeton (NJ), USA
Year: 2011


“It’s moment that happens only in opera, really, and helps to define the difference between sung and spoken drama. The singer, having poured out her heart and soul, having given all she has to give, arrives breathless at the end of a particularly poignant aria-in this case, an aria intended not to amuse, not to delight, but to transfigure the listener with, well, nothing less than the truth of a desperate woman’s existence. The swell of the orchestra subsides. There is a profound silence. You could hear a pin drop. Then a smattering of applause-and the audience suddenly lets loose with a l-o-n-g roar that sounds like it might blow off the roof of McCarter Theater.

That’s what happened when Lina Tetriani-mark well that name-concluded “To This We’ve Come” , the big aria Gian Carlo Menotti wrote for Magda Sorel, the pathetic heroine of his dark, troubling and still shockingly relevant hit of 1950, The Consul.

…Lina Tetriani, who hails from Georgia the nation…., sounds like she has all the makings of a major international career. Have a mentioned she’s a powerful actress and a beautiful woman, besides?”, Michael Redmond, TIMEOFF editor, July 20, 2011

“Lina Tetriani was powerful as the doomed heroine, Magda Sorel. Her soprano voice was even darker and richer than that of Patricia Neway who originated the role and sang it on television and a recording. The youthful-looking Tetriani has a darker, well-focused voice that also soars on the highest notes…..,and Tetriani earned an ovation with her big solo, "To this we've come."
The Opera Critic, Steve Cohen, July 2011

"The second and final performance of the run on Sunday afternoon featured a standout performance by soprano Lina Tetriani as the doomed heroine, Magda Sorel, Tetriani, a diminutive woman with a sizable voice, enacted Magda's ordeal with grim determination and deservedly won a huge ovation for her big aria, "To this we've come," a heartfelt cry against inhumanity. "
By Mike Silverman For The Associated Press, July 25, 2011 (AP)

“But the audience was on its feet for a roaring and richly deserved standing ovation. As Magda, soprano Lina Tetriani gave a devastating performance. She immersed herself fully in the opera’s tragedy and was simply riveting. The edge, power and dark timbre of her voice contrasted her slight stature, seeming to reflect her character’s strong will despite her vulnerability”
The Star-Ledger, Ronni Reich, July 18, 2011

“The audience, on Saturday, July 16, interrupted the performance by an extended ovation for Tetriani’s impassioned “Magda”; the applause could not be stifled”
U.S.1, Elaine Strauss, July 20, 2011

“Lina Tetriani, a titanium-voiced, Georgian-born soprano”
WQXR, Olivia Giovetti, July 22, 2011


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