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Magda Sorel, The Consul

Magda Sorel, The Consul


Lead Role: Lina Tetriani
Character: Magda Sorel
Production: The Consul
Director: Jay Lesenger
Conductor: Joel Revzen
Theater: Chautauqua Opera, USA
City: Chautauqua (NY), USA
Year: 2009


“.....the singing of the cast is thrilling. Lina Tetriani was tiny, yet a powerhouse as Magda [Sorel, The Consul], ready to move Heaven and earth to save her family,…The scene in which she finally erupts in frustration and anger absolutely stopped the show, and left the audience exhausted from their involvement in her performance.”

Robert W. Plyler, Jamestown Post Journal, Friday, July 24, 2009

“ sensational full-out scene and aria for the heroine, Magda, which won extended, deserved applause for lovely, sympathetically vulnerable Georgian soprano Lina Tetriani...Her strong lyric soprano, darkly shaded,.....Tetriani is an excellent artist, providing a winning dramatic fulcrum.”

David Shengold


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