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Magda, La Rondine

Magda, La Rondine


Lead Role: Lina Tetriani
Character: Magda
Production: La Rondine
Director: Michael Unger
Conductor: David Neely
Theater: Sarasota Opera, USA
City: Sarasota (FL), USA
Year: 2008


“The discovery of the Sarasota season was soprano Lina Tetriani…Tetriani, from Tbilisi, Georgia, is ravishing in Magda's first-act aria, Chi il bel sogno, in which she pines for madly passionate romance. There is an appealing darkness to her voice that lends complexity to even the most sentimental musings on love, youth and happiness. With jet black hair and a bright smile, she is the very picture of a rich man's ornament”

John Fleming, Opera News, July, 2008

"Georgian soprano Lina Tetriani, who headed the cast as Magda, was perhaps the top star of the entire 2007/08 Season. A young woman of gentle beauty, she was equally convincing as the successful courtesan and as a woman experiencing great love for the first time. As both she was painfully vulnerable, and her delivery of the first-act confessional self-confrontation competed favorably with recordings by established divas.”

Opera Today, Wes Blomster, April 23, 2008.

“The Georgia soprano Lina Tetriani-a find as Magda-sang with a rich, resonant, characteristically Slavic voice. She was melting in those lovely descending intervals at the climax of her familiar aria and soared vocally above the other participants in the climactic Act 2 quartet, the opera’s musical high point.”

George Loomis, Financial Times, March 12, 2008


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