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Lora, Die Feen

Lora, Die Feen


Lead Role: Lina Tetriani
Character: Lora
Production: Die Feen
Director: Emilio Sagi
Conductor: Marc Minkowski
Theater: Théâtre du Chatelet, Paris
City: Paris, France
Year: 2009


“Lora, Arindal's sister, sings a handsome Italianate double aria concluding with an ecstatic cabaletta.....Lina Tetriani’s Lora is strongly sung.“ 
New York Times, George Loomis, April 1, 2009

“None of the Chatelet’s young cast was less than fully adequate, though only the American-Georgian soprano Lina Tetriani -as Lora, Arindal’s sister-struck me as someone whom I want and expect to hear again in fairly important roles.”
Opera Magazine, Michael Tanner, 2009

“The remainder of the large cast was adequate but often challenged by the vocal writing, with the exception of Lina Tetriani’s intense, bright sounding Lora.”
Opera News, Stephen J. Mudge, June 2009

“Plus de satisfactions chez les très nombreux comparses, avec les promesses de la soprano Lina Tetriani”
Le Figaro, Christian Merlin, March 30, 2009


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